FAM #31 - DJ Self

It’s been over a year since our last FAM interview, so this unexpected drop may come as a surprise to you. Well, it was definitely a shock for me to find myself in New York’s Power 105 studio, sitting across the console from DJ Self! I was having my own ‘just happy to be here’ moment, but when he said he had a quick window to do an interview, I had to make it happen. In this 15 minute, unedited conversation with the Prince of New York we try to cover everything from his upbringing in Brooklyn (a place where stars are born), to the Lox Family tape that put him on the map, to his recently released app. Hands down our Gwinin’est episode yet, and hopefully just one of many more to come.

Download the Interview Here

March 10, 2014

Tom Gist - Cuffin Season Freestyle

What a pleasant surprise to see this come across my timeline! As much as I’ve already played the hell out of the original, and a select few of the other remakes & remixes to pop up, this beat just sounds tailor made for Tom Gist. I mean, you’re getting my attention when your first punchline is “Screaming What! like N.O.R.E before the weight gain." But you should already know what to expect from the man. My only complaint is: fam, give us that download option!

March 5, 2014

Loaded Lux - Candy Shop Freestyle

Long before anybody got any work, Loaded Lux caught my attention with this freestyle over the "Magic Stick Remix (with Olivia.)" Of course I caught the Smack DVD battle with Murda Mook, but that was a bit of a draw in my opinion and I really needed to hear how he would sound flowing over a beat. For that round, it was a decisive victory over Mookie who sounded a little shaky alongside Papoose on “You Can’t Murder Me.”

There’s more than a few witty punchlines if you’re able to listen fast enough to catch what Lux is spitting. What really won me over was the reference to being the 26th man on Kay Slay’s (then very recently released) “Rollin 25 Deep,” a who’s who of mid-00s mixtape rappers. This recording was pulled from DJ L’s Street Confessions Part 3, originally released in early 2005.

Loaded Lux - Candy Shop Freestyle

March 4, 2014

A-Team - Power 105 Freestyle (feat. Tay Rock & Mike Classic)

The recently reunited A-Team of Hitchcock & Ransom, along with Tay Rock (remember him from The Ransom Note mixtape??) and Mike Classic (pictured above) came through Power 105 last night for the Presidential takeover of Jovonn’s New NY show. A lot of bars administered here! Scott Da Animal’s wolf-pack air out the U Don’t Know, Black Republican and Pound Cake instrumentals and a whole lot of bars get administered in the process. Really dope to hear those guys get it live on the radio again. I’m not sure if a higher quality rip of this will eventually surface, but since I had my “tape deck” ready last night, y’all get it first!

A-Team - Power 105 Freestyle (feat. Tay Rock & Mike Classic)

January 13, 2014

ALL OUT - November 23rd

Really just an excuse to post this exquisite flier, my humble little remix of Tasha Holiday’s “Just The Way You Like It” CD single. To get you in that same ‘96 mentality that I’m in, take a listen to DJ Camilo’s treatment of this record on his R&B II mixtape. And it’s not just because the official recording would get swiftly taken down! Nah, the fact is that hiss, that bass distortion adds that extra dimension to a record like this. It’s like seeing a movie in the theater, projected onto a screen from the original film. There’s nothing else like it. This is the type of ambiance I’ll be setting tonight from 10 to 11:30ish before kicking it up a couple quads for the remainder of the evening!

Tasha Holiday - Just The Way You Like It (Feat. Mase)

November 23, 2013

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